Acoustical Improvements after The Tempest

I knew that the acoustic environment in our theatre – a converted silo – was going to be problematic. We did what we could for the first show. And it was actually much better than the unenhanced space. But it was far from perfect. Some audience members were very disappointed with the sound (Some were more than disappointed.)

I knew we had to continue to improve the space acoustically. And following The Tempest, we invested a lot of money and work into curtains to cover the perimeter wall and soak up the side to side echo.

We’ll be working with some acoustics experts in the spring to identify further improvements.

I recorded “before” and “after” videos so you can judge the results for yourself. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Before: Note the ringing echo that makes some moments unintelligible

After: The “ringing” echo is gone. There is still a longer echo, but it’s less intrusive.

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