About the 2012 season

This summer was our first full summer repertory season.

We featured two full shows and a new play reading series. The two shows feature people struggling to understand their place in the world. The shows were full of joy, humor, familiar truth and simple humanity.

Timon of Athens, by William Shakespeare

Timon is a good man. A man with friends. A happy man who likes to help his friends, often . But what happens when Timon suddenly needs help… and many of his “friends” simply look on in disinterest? This less-often-produced Shakespeare drama asks us to take a look at responsibility and friendship – and the intersection of the two, and is remarkably relevant in today’s political and economic environment.  You can download a Timon of Athens script in PDF form.

King of Fires, by David Harlan

A boy is turning 13. A volcano is erupting. The boy knows his life will be different as he loses people close to him, finds his place in the world and learns who he can be… But it takes a dream set in and around that exploding volcano to show him how important those changes might be. A show ideal for the whole family, King of Fires offers moments you will find both incredibly familiar and wonderfully surprising.  You can download the King of Fires script in PDF form.

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